How can Employee Relations (ER) build an employee experience that is unique for each employee in an organization?

To create an optimal employee experience, some companies have their leaders value engagement. An article from Arnold (2018) says that looking beyond the typical team-building and worker appreciation events is another way to drive employee engagement. This approach pays attention to the individual differences, in contrast to having cookie-cutter solutions. There are numerous facets to further employee’s experience with the company. Employee Relations (ER) take into account everything in building employee experience. We need to think about what encompasses employee interaction. Burt Rea, director of human capital consulting at Deloitte, says that “It’s the day-to-day moments that matter to employees.” This means that, in building better workplaces, employee experience is thought about carefully.

An ER should examine how employees find their job interesting and challenging to work on; this is how employees are satisfied (Employee Satisfaction and Need of Employee Satisfaction , n.d.). Employees want to be challenged in their work (considering that it is not overbearing). We need to understand that employees will find it hard to be happy if their job is not interesting or challenging. ER needs to constantly mentor employees. Employees should be assigned work as per their expertise, interest area and specialization. For employees to have unique experiences, encourage them to discuss what responsibilities would suit them. Employees should work on something which they are best at; it would result in happiness and yield better results for the organization.




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